Feature Friday: Daryn Strauss

It's Friday, which means that I get to highlight something/someone super cool.  In lieu of a missed connections-related person or thing, I want to draw your attention to the amazing Daryn Strauss!  Daryn is the creator of Downsized, an award winning web drama.  Additionally, she created and runs Digital Chick TV, a platform for female-driven web content.  I'm happy to say that Missed Connections Live is a part of Digital Chick!  I'm also honored to be a fellow WGAe member with Daryn.

Last week Daryn was invited to speak at a briefing in Washington DC about Net Neutrality.  She represented all of us content creators/consumers in fighting for an open internet.

Yesterday, Variety and Dealine announced the nominees for WGAe council, a prestigious position.  Among them, Daryn.  Go, Daryn, go!

I'm proud to consider her a colleague and highly recommend you keep your eye out for her and support her content.

Here's where you can follow her:




Keep up the great work, Daryn!