Missed Connections Monday....meet guest blogger Amber Plaster!

In anticipation of a BRAND NEW EPISODE of Missed Connections Live, I invited the talented Amber Plaster, fellow actor and web aficionado, to write a guest blog post about missed connections.  Amber is a Los Angeles resident, fan of Missed Connections Live, and active blogger.  Here's what she has to say about missed connections:


5 reasons you should read your local Missed Connections more often:

If you are unfamiliar with the magical, unfiltered world that is the missed connections section on craigslist.org, you are missing out. Although, since you have visited the awesome webseries that is www.MissedConnectionsLive.com, you probably have a a decent understanding already. Gold star for you!
As a craigslist connoisseur myself, (the Los Angeles craigslist - of course) I often read the w4m and m4w missed connections before I go to bed (sometimes even the m4m if I’m feeling a little spicy).
If you want to fully appreciate the webseries, not to mention your own city, you ought to be exploring these sections as well!

Here’s why:

1- Happiness.
What could be better than 'people watching'? Reading about people’s intimate encounters with complete strangers, of course! Sometimes they are funny, sometimes they are romantically poetic and sometimes they are just strange. In any case, I bet you will feel at LEAST 20% better about yourself afterwards. Probably.

2- Local Flavor
Are you single? What if everyone in your city notices all the hotties in the same bar or park? Get to know your city better and also learn some places to avoid! Thanks missed connections!!

3- Price
Just like this webseries, your local missed connections is easy on the wallet. That’s right! $FREE.99!
So when you are looking to save cash, watch an episode of Missed Connections Live, and chase it with a random m4w Las Vegas, just for kicks. I know I do.
4- Game
Missed Connections posts are like snowflakes. No two are the same. The best part is, some of these strangers get VERY creative, and detailed!
Read ‘em, and step up your own game. (No one has to know!)

5- Inspiration
As an actor in LA, it’s great seeing people like Melissa creating her own work out of a few random missed connections posts. Get your own group together. Do a staged reading of some of your local missed connections. Draw a star-crossed couple you read about for your art class. This isn’t reality TV. This as real as it gets, folks!


Amber Plaster creates daily videos for http://iwearyourshirt.com and is a contributing blogger for the filmmaker’s blog, http://filmerz.com!
She was born in Southern California, raised in Atlanta, & now calls Los Angeles home. Amber is an actor,and she loves new technologies and social media. She has appeared recently on the TV show ‘Make It Or Break It’ and in a RUSK deep shine commercial. In her spare time, she eats far too much sugar, spends a lot of time dancing by herself and goes on adventures with friends. You can find her on twitter at: http://twitter.com/amberplaster