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Melissa Center


Hey there, I’m Melissa Center. I’m an actor, filmmaker & entrepreneur working and living in Hollywood.

Ever since my parents took me to see ET & The Nutcracker, I knew my destiny was to work in Showbiz. As a child with an active imagination & a penchant for song and dance, I LOVED to perform! Those passions coupled with my bright mind led me to seek excellence in life as an actor, creator, and entrepreneur. My journey has taken me from touring A Chorus Line to originating a one-woman show to pioneering a digital series to recurring on Grey’s Anatomy to creating award-winning films to teaching, coaching & advocating for Women’s Rights to co-founding a company Whole Self Systems designed to transform the way leaders & organizations communicate. Thanks for joining me here.

Much love,


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“I've known Melissa Center as a committed actress & bold creator of her own work through my studio and in my audition rooms. I bring her in whenever she is right for a role I'm casting, and she always delivers. Her passion, heart, courage and tenacity shine through in her work as both an actress and filmmaker. I look forward to what's next for this promising artist.”

-Risa Bramon Garcia, Casting Director

I sit here stunned and crying. Melissa Center’s performance is brilliant. It is at once intimately personal and universal. The concept is brilliant. Without words she says it all.
I am beyond moved. This gem is unforgettable.
Melissa Center, you are an empowered woman.
— Elynne Chaplik-Aleskow, Author of My Gift of Now
Melissa Center’s RV is a film of quiet power. It is a film that will kick you in the chest and then stomp on it for three or four hours afterward. It is a masterpiece and one of the very best films I’ve seen in 2018
— Steve Koppian, Unseen Films
R.V’ is gut-wrenching. The situation the film simply and powerfully portrays is not a far cry from the dangerous realities that women in certain parts of our country face. Everyone should see ‘R.V’ to understand just what is at stake for abortion care and reproductive health.
— Lisa Maldonado, Reproductive Health Access Project