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Melissa Center


Hey there, I’m Melissa Center. I’m an actor, filmmaker & entrepreneur working and living in Hollywood.

Ever since my parents took me to see ET & The Nutcracker, I knew my destiny was to work in Showbiz. As a child with an active imagination & a penchant for song and dance, I LOVED to perform! Those passions coupled with my bright mind led me to seek excellence in life as an actor, creator, and entrepreneur. My journey has taken me from touring A Chorus Line to originating a one-woman show to pioneering a digital series to recurring on Grey’s Anatomy to creating award-winning films to teaching, coaching & influencing along the way. Thanks for joining me here.

Much love,


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“I've known Melissa Center as a committed actress & bold creator of her own work through my studio and in my audition rooms. I bring her in whenever she is right for a role I'm casting, and she always delivers. Her passion, heart, courage and tenacity shine through in her work as both an actress and filmmaker. I look forward to what's next for this promising artist.”

-Risa Bramon Garcia, Casting Director