Want to feel 100% prepared when you walk on set?


When I came to LA, my whole background, training, and professional experience was mainly on stage.

My first experience on a film set was overwhelming, intimidating, and made me feel like an amateur even though I was confident in my craft.

I decided to create a practical guide that thoroughly explained the nuts and bolts of a film set and all its moving parts in hopes that other actors with the same desire to walk on set with confidence could have the tools to do so.

We are the CEO's and entrepreneurs of our own artistic companies...

Here's a handbook to help you walk on set like a pro!

-Melissa Center


A sneak peak of your production & crew cheat sheet...


Give back by helping yourself!

We as actors are taken advantage of economically at every twist and turn.

The impetus to create The Working Actor's On-Set Handbook was to help myself by helping others.

Here is an opportunity for you to do the same!

For every copy of The Working Actor's Film Set Handbook purchased, I will donate a portion of my proceeds to The Actor's Fund.

By purchasing The Working Actor's Film Set Handbook, you are not only setting yourself up for success on set, but you are also contributing to your future as well as the future of your community.