New Day New Way

My Red Oak Elementary School substitute teacher used to say the following which has stuck with me in my .....years of life: "New Day, New Way." And so I take that pearl of wisdom through me as I embark on my journey into 2010. With a very successful 2009 behind me, I ask myself, "how can I continue to break new ground in my life and in my career?" I already have some of the ingredients in place: A newly formed production company (LBM Productions, LLC), a new webseries (Missed Connections Live), and an ongoing theatre gig (The Giver, directed by Wynn Handman and produced by American Place Theater). But how can I approach these new things in a new way? How can I use my company, my series, my theatre gig and my brand new blog to perhaps effect change? To positively contribute to my personal and artistic communities? To inspire those in my constantly growing network? To gain financial freedom? I obviously don't know how I will achieve these things, but I look forward to the journey. And so I introduce myself to the world of eblogger on this new day: Wednesday January 6, 2010. Thank you for joining me on this ride!

Melissa CenterComment