To stay or to go?

At what point do you throw in the towel?  Do you just say, "Enough" ?

I've always been a fighter.  I have a good sense of what I want out of life and I don't let too much get in the way.  I think most often this determination and sheer will has been an asset to me.  But once in a while, one encounters challenges in life and the question arises..."How many chances do I give this?"

My cousin recently emailed me about a last minute trip to LA.  She had a radio audition with a network.  She figured it would be a great opportunity to bring me along so I can meet her colleagues.  After double checking my commitments in New York, I jumped on the opportunity.  I've been wanting to make a trip out, I have no Giver performances scheduled, so why not?  I quickly emailed my main LA contact, informing him that I'd be making a trip.  Unfortunately, his office would be closed on President's Day and he said he might be going out of town.  He would, however, be available to meet up for drinks later in the week.  Ok!  Minor concern about President's Day, but problem seemingly solved...All that now needed to be confirmed before we got tickets was my cousin's meeting with the network.  After a lot of back and forth, she still hadn't gotten a clear confirmation from her contact.  Meanwhile, the flights to LA went up in price.  Uh oh.  Given that I wasn't going to have to pay for a rental car or accommodations, though, I figured it was still worth the trip.

Finally after much deliberation, and after the network contact said he assumed she was coming all along, my cousin bought the tickets.  Yay!  Some time later she got an email from her radio contact canceling the audition.  After all that?!  With no appointment in LA, there was no reason for her to make the trip except to introduce me to her peers, which can happen down the line.  What to do?  To me, although disappointed, I figured it is not worth it for my cuz to take the trip with no meeting in place.  I emailed my manager contact (who we were supposed to see for drinks) and let him know that the trip was going to fall through.  He was totally fine given his work has been so hectic the past little while and Monday is a holiday with his office closing.

Cut to...the next morning.  My cuz got an email from a big-wig radio agent she'd contacted saying he was available to meet her on Tuesday.  Another wrench thrown into the mix!  Now what to do?  Shouldn't this process be easier?  Is the universe telling us to go or to stay far away?  Why do we keep running into roadblocks?  Should I be staying in New York for some amazing reason next week?  Am I reading to much into this whole ordeal?

Ultimately we decided it was best to postpone the trip.  It seemed like we were trying way to hard to make the trip work and it just wasn't going to happen in this moment.  I guess sometimes life falls into place nicely, and sometimes it just doesn't.  Maybe (and most probably) none of this means anything.  In the at least I'll have something to look forward to!

Melissa CenterComment